BUILTESTIMATING SERVICE  is a professional consultancy specializing in providing detailed construction cost estimates. We provide our clients, both public and private institutions throughout the continental United States, with expert, data-driven advice on their construction projects. Henceforth, our approach is built upon the rigorous guidelines set forth by the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE) and according with AIA to create objective, reliable, and defensible assessments of probable construction costs.

Our estimating process is forward-thinking and predictive in nature. There are many factors that influence construction cost estimate reports such as including current labor rates, material prices, and site constraints. Additionally, there are external factors such as macroeconomic trends and current political landscape that can influence the construction cost estimate report. We also consider market volatility, commodity prices, and the current availability of labor for a given project location.

Our  team of estimators has completed thousands of cost estimating assignments. We understand how structures (linear and vertical) are built. The cost estimators are intimately familiar with methods and systems used throughout all phases of construction. Our estimating team is experienced in working with both general contractors and subcontractors, resulting in “real-world” knowledge of construction principles. Our cost estimators are experienced conceptual estimating, detailed construction cost estimating, value engineering, and change orders

With the majority of our client base coming from the architectural / engineering community, we have significant experience providing comprehensive cost estimating services at each level of design development. Our Cost Managers are experts at developing detailed construction cost estimates from the early conceptual programming levels – where there is minimal detail on plans – through the schematic design, design development, and fully detailed construction document levels of design.


An estimate at this stage begins with an idea generated by an owner or architect with only very limited basic information available. Often the information may consist of a felt tip pen sketch drawn on a paper napkin. The estimator must visualize the building components and develop an estimate which should include a percentage of the total as a contingency factor.

Rough Order of Magnitude

For example, if a city wants to build say a sewage treatment plant and the only relevant data available is the treatment plant’s daily capacity in millions of gallons. An estimate of cost can be derived from similar projects in the past by adjusting for location and inflation; plus a contingency factor.

Working Drawings Stage

As drawings and specifications begin to appear estimates are prepared and updated at the 30% & 50% stages with a reduced contingency factor as drawings and specifications approach 100%.


Value Engineering

This may involve a team of professionals who meet and devise ideas or programs on how a project can be built for less, produce a better product or produce better methods to achieve notable cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Historic Preservation

The restoration and preservation of historic buildings is covered by a number of state and federal regulations and require an estimator with extensive experience in this very specialized estimating specialty. Unit costs are generally double and sometimes quadruple normal construction costs.

Forensic Cost Estimating

The word forensic simply means ” For the Court.” When a legal dispute involves mitigating defective construction or the loss of use of any building structure by fire, man caused damage or a natural disaster, the cost-to-repair or cost-to-construct must be determined in such a manner that the estimate is presented to the triers of fact in a simple and easy to understand format that must withstand intense scrutiny by opposing course.

 Samples of Estimating


Our nuanced process reduces the subjectivity of construction cost estimating – boiling it down to a science.

The goal at Precision is clear. We strive to help our clients develop an understanding of the costs and potential pitfalls associated with their projects. The functional cost estimates we create help our clients to proactively monitor and control each construction budget. Therefore, our deep knowledge of the built environment, combined with powerful analytical tools, provide our clients with the insights they need to successfully execute their projects.

From Space Launch Complexes, K-12 Academies, and Mixed-Use Developments, to Essential Service Facilities, Fine Arts Complexes and Community Parks, our experience is diverse. We encourage you to take a deep dive into our portfolio – we’re proud of it    


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