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We are  one of the competitive construction company in New York and  North Jersey area , we are a provider of comprehensive construction services and a developer of public-private projects. We apply our expertise to everything from small renovations to big projects, using a variety of delivery methods, and giving special attention to your project.

New Services : EXPEDITOR



  • Before the construction project begins, the expeditor meets with the contractor in order to learn the time table, material requirements, deadlines and budget for the project.


  • During the project, the expeditor purchases the materials that the contractor specified during the consultation and arranges for their delivery according to the times agreed upon.


  • The expeditor remains in frequent contact with the contractor to ensure that the project is running according to schedule. In addition, the expeditor continually checks with the material suppliers in order to ensure that delivery will be possible on the pre-determined date.


  • Expeditors are expected to have contingency plans available for late deliveries or defective materials. They must also be ready to solve other problems, such as the operation going over budget or the contractor needing more materials than planned.


  • At the conclusion of the project, the expeditor is responsible for returning any unused materials to the supplier when possible.
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